Viewing the Klarna payment progress on the payment pages

Klarna payment pages are available in English and in German.

  1. The buyer validates the shopping cart.
  2. The merchant website redirects the buyer to the payment gateway. This redirection is made via the HTML POST form in HTTPS. The parameters of the form are described in the chapter Creating a Klarna payment .
  3. When the parameters and their signature have been verified, the page of payment method selection appears.
    Figure 1. Selection of a payment method
    If a payment method has been specified in the form, the buyer proceeds directly to step 5.
  4. The buyer selects Klarna as the payment method.
  5. The buyer selects a payment method:
    • invoice-based payment (within 14 days)
    • installment payment
    Figure 2. Selection of a payment method
  6. The buyer clicks on Continue to proceed with the payment.
  7. The buyer fills in all the required information or verifies the displayed information.
    Figure 3. Entry of buyer details
    At this stage of the payment, if the buyer wishes to modify the selected payment method, he can do so simply by clicking on Change it. The buyer will return to the previous step.
  8. The buyer accepts the terms and conditions by checking the ckeck box to proceed to payment.
  9. The buyer clicks on Continue.
  10. If the payment is successfully completed, a page with the detailed summary of the transaction will appear.
    Figure 4. Summary page
    In case of failure, a message appears. The buyer is notified that the payment request has been rejected.
    A link is presented to cancel ad return to the shop.