Identifying the payment stages


A payment authorization can result in 4 different statuses:

  • Authorized: corresponds to the Waiting for capture status
  • To be validated: corresponds to the To be validated status
  • Refused: corresponds to the Refused status
  • Pending: corresponds to the Waiting for authorization status

In case the payment is waiting for authorization, the payment platform automatically synchronizes with Klarna until the final status is obtained (authorized or refused).


The last payment stage is the activation on Klarna's side which is performed during capture at PayZen, i.e. when a Klarna transaction is validated and captured.

Klarna requires for the capture to be made on the same day as the order dispatch.

For this, it is recommended:

  • to use the Manual validation mode


  • to specify a capture date in the future.

When the order is ready to be shipped, you can use the features of Back Office (or of Web Services v5) to set a later or an earlier capture date and validate the transaction in accordance with the availability and the dispatch of the order.


If the Instant Payment Notification URL on batch change is enabled and configured (recommended), the OcrNumber is returned in the vads_ext_trans_id field. Its value corresponds to the invoice number provided by Klarna.

Its value also appears in the Klarna transaction details in the Back Office with the label Klarna invoice number.

The value of this field allows to retrieve the invoice (see chapter Retrieving the invoice).