The addition of Klarna payment method for your merchant website meets a number of characteristics:

  • Klarna establishes a risk profile of online buyers by collecting their data.

    This profile attributes a risk status for a given payment.

  • The buyer's data is called Checkout. This data depends on the buyer's country. It can contain:
    • personal data required to perform a financial solvency and identity check, e.g. last and first name, address, date of birth, gender, e-mail address, IP address, phone number,
    • data required to make an invoice-based purchase in connection with the order, e.g. the number of articles, their references, the invoice amount and the tax percentage.
  • The merchant receives the transaction money once the transaction has been validated (or captured), i.e. upon order dispatch.
  • The dispatch of the order must be made within a maximum of 7 days after the reservation price has been determined.
  • The buyer's account is debited starting from the 14th day after the authorization has been given and only after the orde has been received.
  • The merchant's MID with Klarna is valid for a given country. The merchant ID (merchant id) is necessarily linked to the merchant's country.
  • The merchant can have several MID that he/she attributes to a shop that is linked to a country.
  • The transaction amount is credited at once directly to the merchant's account by Klarna in the currency of the buyer's country.
  • Klarna assumes the risk of non-payments. This is why a risk status is assigned to a transaction and determines the successful outcome of the payment.
  • The Klarna payment method is either an invoice-based payment or an installment payment.