Bank requirements

  • For the merchant
    • Create a Rabobank bank account (bank affiliated to the iDEAL payment method linked with PayZen).
    • Create an iDEAL account
    • Sign and submit the iDEAL account to iDEAL.
    • Wait for the account to be activated at Rabobank.
      The delay can be quite long considering the different validations.
  • For the buyer
    • Use the services of a Dutch bank affiliated to the iDEAL payment.
    • Have a billing address in the Netherlands.

Prerequisites PayZen

  • For the merchant
    • Sign up for the iDEAL payment option.
    • Communicate the iDEAL contract number (Merchant ID) to the contact person of the PayZen payment platform.

      Note :

      PayZen signs in to the iDEAL interface so that the buyer can execute his or her payment.

  • For the buyer
    • None