Processing the response data

Here is an example of analysis to guide you through processing the response data.

  1. Identify the order by retrieving the value of the vads_order_id field.
    Make sure that the order status has not already been updated.
  2. Retrieve the payment result transmitted in the vads_trans_status field.
    Its value allows you to define the order status.
    Value Description

    payment abandoned by the buyer.

    The transaction has not been created, and therefore cannot be viewed in the Merchant Back Office.



    The transaction has been captured by the bank.



    Cancellation by the buyer, the acquirer or the payment gateway.



  3. Retrieve the payment reference transmitted in the vads_trans_id field.
  4. Retrieve the value of the vads_trans_date field to identify the payment date.
  5. Retrieve the used amount and currency. To do this, retrieve the values of the following fields:
    Table 1. Analysis of the payment amount and currency
    Field name Description
    vads_amount Payment amount in the smallest currency unit.
    vads_currency Numeric code of the currency used for the payment.
  6. Retrieve the used payment method by analyzing the vads_card_brand field.
  7. Retrieve all the order, buyer and shipping details.
    These details will be provided in the response only of they have been transmitted in the payment form.
    Their values are identical to the ones submitted in the form.
  8. Proceed to order update.