For the merchant

  • Send a request to BNPP Personal Finance.
  • Obtain his or her FullCB agreement number.
  • Have the authorized payment type.
    Depending on his or her contract, the merchant is allowed to offer:
    • either the payment in 3 installments,
    • or the payment in 3 installments and the payment in 4 installments.

    FullCB payment is available for the buyer only if the order amount is within the limits defined by BNPP Personal Finance. Minimum and maximum amounts are defined by the merchant and are between 100 and 1 500 euros.

For the buyer

  • Opt for the solution and accept to pay application fees to BNPP Personal Finance, in the payment journey.
    Note: if the merchant offers to cover the administrative fees, the buyer will not have to pay them.

  • Have a valid ID and accept to provide the personal information requested at the moment of purchase.
  • Make a mandatory wire transfer of the total amount of:
    • 1/3 of the purchase amount and the remainder in 2 equal monthly payments without interest for 3xCB.
    • 25% of the purchase amount and the remainder in 3 equal monthly payments without interest for 4xCB.


Only Mastercard, Visa and CB cards with a remaining validity period of at least 6 months can be accepted for purchases.

However, Visa Electron, VPAY, Maestro, American Express, e-Carte Bleue, foreign cards, withdrawal cards only and virtual payment cards are not accepted.