Payment process

  1. The buyer validates the shopping cart.

  2. The buyer enters the shipping and billing details (last name, first name, address, etc.)
  3. The merchant website redirects the buyer to the payment gateway.

  4. The buyer selects the payment method:
    • Payment in 3 installments CB
    • Payment in 4 installments CB

    The gateway redirects the buyer to the Cetelem payment page, the trademark of BNPP Personal Finance.

  5. The buyer completes the form with his/her personal details.
    Note: from this stage on, the potential administrative fees and the payment due date are presented on this page.
    If the administrative costs are offered by the merchant, the amount will be €0.

    The required form fields are listed below. Some information such as the last name, first name and full address are already pre-filled in the form.

    • E-mail
    • City
    • Nationality
    • Title
    • Phone
    • Type of ID
    • Name
    • Birth date
    • ID number
    • First name
    • Native country
    • Issued on
      Date of issue of the identity document
    • Address
    • Department of birth
    • Zip code
    • City of birth

  6. The buyer enters his or her bank details for the first installment payment.
    The payment page remains grayed out as long as the personal information is not valid.
    In case of a successful payment, all verifications are carried out in real time, 3DS authentication is systematic.

  7. The buyer validates the terms and conditions of the financing agreement and the request for immediate implementation.

  8. The buyer clicks Next to display the overview.

  9. The buyer checks the input data and clicks Validate my payment.
    At this stage, the buyer can still edit these personal details.

  10. The payment gateway displays the transaction result.

    The buyer is redirected to the PayZen payment gateway.
    If the payment has been successfully completed, payment details are presented to the buyer with the option to download the ticket in PDF format.
    In case the transaction fails, a message will appear. The buyer will be informed if the payment request has been rejected.
    A link at the bottom of the page allows the buyer to return to the shop.