Displaying details of a FullCB transaction from the Merchant Back Office

Transactions can be viewed in the Merchant Back Office via the Management > Transactions menu.

Via the Management menu, the merchant has access to real and TEST transactions.


Depending on the access rights, TEST transactions (example: developer profile) and/or real transactions (example: accountant profile) can be viewed.

The content of the Transactions in progress tab is displayed by default. All the transactions of the day are listed.

Click the Captured transactions tab to display captured payments.

To view the details of a transaction:

  1. Select a FullCB transaction.
  2. Right click on it and select Display transaction details or double-click the transaction you wish to see the details of..

    The Details of a transaction dialog box appears.

    Figure 1. Example of a captured transaction detail

    The details include

    • The payment method
    • The transaction identifier
    • The transaction amount

      Reminder: BNPP Personal Finance credits the merchant with the transaction total amount.

    • the creation date of the transaction
    • The requested capture date
    • the transaction status