Technical details

Important information regarding the addition of this payment method:

  • Type of integration

    Only available via integration with payment form redirection.

  • Supported capture modes

    Deferred capture: the payment is captured automatically on the requested capture date.

    Any capture delay that exceeds 6 days will be ignored and reduced to 6 days.

  • Authorization validity period

    6 days

  • Network code


  • Value of the vads_card_brand field


  • Supported currencies


  • Supported countries


  • Supported functionalities
    • Complementary payment by credit card
    • Cancellation
    • Modification of the capture date
    • Refund (only full)
    • Payment deferred up to 6 days
    • Integration by iframe
    • Payment order
  • Restrictions
    This payment method does not support the following functionalities:
    • Extra payment attempts
    • Installment payment
    • Tokenization and payment by token
    • Recurring payment by token
    • MOTO payment
    • Amount update
    • Transaction duplication
    • Transaction validation
    • Partial refund
    • Payment deferred beyond 6 days
    • Bank reconciliation and chargebacks