To continue its digital transformation, the Agence Nationale des Chèques-Vacances offers a new electronic payment method: Chèque-Vacances Connect.

Chèque-Vacances Connect allows beneficiaries to use their Holiday Vouchers (chèques vacances) for payments to all tourism and culture professionals affiliated to the ANCV network, such as hotels, restaurants, leisure parks and transport companies.

Using an application downloaded to their smartphone, the beneficiary can view available offers, check their balance and make purchases quickly and directly, via automatic terminals or on the Internet.

During payment validation via the application, beneficiaries have the possibility to use all their balance to pay for their purchase.

However, if the balance is insufficient or if they wish to pay only part of the amount using holiday vouchers, the remaining amount will need to be paid by credit card.

For the merchant, this solution presents several advantages, such as enhanced visibility via the application for accessing a wider customer base, as well as simplified and faster refunds.

Supported currencies

  • EUR
Supported countries
  • France



  • The minimum amount is €20.
  • The order number is required.
  • Manual validation is not supported.
  • Deferred payments are not allowed to exceed 6 days.