Second generation cards (CONECS scheme)

For the French market, CONECS, EIG of 4 meal voucher issuers: Apetiz, Sodexo, UP and Edenred, has created a technical platform of routing and collection of electronic meal voucher payments via payment terminals and on the Internet.

The cards issued under the CONECS brand are:

  • Apetiz via Natixis Intertitres
  • Pass Restaurant via Sodexo
  • Chèque Déjeuner via Groupe Up
  • Ticket Restaurant via Edenred

These cards work as three-party scheme cards (the issuer and the acquirer are combined).

The acceptance of 2nd generation cards via the payment gateway requires a CONECS acceptance contract associated with the shop.

The acceptance of these cards via the CONECS scheme depends on the affiliation contract that the merchant signed with each issuer and the flow of meal vouchers opened by the issuer via the e-commerce channel.

You can have an acceptance contract with an issuer and not have an open e-commerce channel.

The payment gateway only directs toward CONECS the cards recognized by your CONECS acceptance contract.

Every day, automatic remote configuration allows to retrieve the table of BIN codes (6 first digits of the card) of the issuers authorized for the merchant within the e-commerce channel.

This BIN table affects the card types that will be offered to the buyer for the CONECS scheme.

This table evolves automatically for the e-commerce channel depending on your contracts with issuers, both open and terminated.

If an issuer's BIN code is absent from the table, the card will not be accepted.

2nd generation cards are compatible with split payment and allow to pay for a purchase using several cards (1 electronic meal voucher + 1 payment card) if the issuer returns a partial authorization code (10).