Integrating e-Chèques-Vacances into the payment page

Important information about the addition of this payment method:

  • Type of integration

Only available via integration with payment form redirection.

  • Restriction

Integration is not possible via Web Services.

  • Field name for customizing the list of payment methods


  • vads_payment_cards value for e-Chèques-Vacances



For example, for offering Visa, MasterCard and e-Chèques-Vacances on the payment page, the line of code in the payment form is:
<input type="hidden" name="vads_payment_cards" value="VISA;MASTERCARD;E_CV" />


  • If this list contains only one card type, the data entry page for this payment method will directly appear.
  • If there are more than one card types, the page with payment method selection will appear.
  • If this parameter is empty (recommended), the available payment methods (currencies, technical constraints, etc.) associated with the shop will be suggested.

  • Field name for defining the Merchant ID (MID)


    In the payment form, the merchant can specify the value of the Merchant ID (MID).
    This field is used only if you have several MID within the same acceptance scheme.
  • vads_contracts value for ANCV MID


    ANCV MID must be set as follow: Convention #-Collector #-Reception #

    These data must be separated by "-" character.

    The line of code in the payment form is:
    <input type="hidden" name="vads_contracts=ANCV=123456-7-8" />