Association of a PayPal MID with a shop

To include the PayPal payment method on your payment page, you must associate the PayPal MID with your shop. Two options are available:

  • From the Settings > Company > Merchant IDs tab
  • From the Settings > Shop > MID association tab

  1. Click on Settings > Company > Merchant IDs tab.
  2. Select your PayPal MID.
    The details of the PayPal MID appears in the bottom of the screen.
  3. Click Associate with a shop (lower part of the screen) to associate the MID with the shop.
  4. Choose the shop(s) in the Association of the Merchant ID (MID) dialog box.
  5. Click on Save.


  1. Click on Settings > Shop > MID association tab.
  2. Select the PayPal MID in the available MID list.
  3. Click Associate or drag and drop it to Associated MID on the right side.
  4. Click on Save.