Payment Done

Posted Values

When the payment is done, the following values are posted to your server:

Parameter Value Description
kr_sha256 posted parameters SHA (see bellow)
kr_isTest true if transaction is using test account

How-to check the sha value

It's highly recommended to check sha value, in order to detect fraud.

kr_sha is the sha256 of the following string : $kr_billingTransaction:$sha256_key


if you don't have any account yet, you can use the test sha key:


To check if the sha256 posted value, do:

  • php

        Check payment status

        You must validate the transaction status using the Charge/Get web service. To check the transaction status, call Charge/Get with the kr_billingTransaction POST value:

        • php
        • curl

          Answer will be:

          • javascript

            status is PAID.


            We strongly recommend that you define an IPN callback URL. See Instant Payment Notification Usage for more details.