Managing users via the Merchant Back Office

  1. In theMerchant Back Office, go to Settings > Company > Users tab
    This tab allows the merchant with necessary permissions to associate privileges with a user that has already been created.
    The list of merchant users appears by default. Filter the result using search fields.

    Note: in order to be added to the list of users with privileges in one of the company's shops, a user must be associated with the same provider as the company.

    You can:

    • Manage access privileges of a user by right-clicking a username
    • Create a new user
    • Associate permissions with a user
    • View the details of permissions associated with a user
    • Search for a user
    • Customize column display


All the changes applied to users are recorded in the history. Update history is accessible via Settings > Company > Event log tab.

Specific update details can be viewed by double-clicking the update in question.