Searching for a transaction

Via the search tool:

  1. Select the tab on which the research should be performed: Transactions in progress or Captured transactions.
  2. Fill in your search criteria.

    There are multiple search criteria. There are no restrictions to the search depth. However, the maximum response time defines the search depth. In the event of a time-out, the merchant is prompted to limit his/her search range.

    The search criteria are:

    • Shops ('all' by default)
    • Date/time of creation
    • Date/time of capture in the bank
    • Transaction number
    • Buyer reference number (buyer code provided by the merchant in the form)
    • Merchant order reference (provided by the merchant in the form)
    • UUID (unique payment reference generated by the payment gateway and returned to the merchant website at the end of payment)
    • Payment card number
    • Authorization number
    • Token (Buyer ID or UMR)
    • Recurring payment reference associated with the token
    • Type of operation (debit or credit)
    • Payment method
    • Merchant ID (MID): allows to restrict the search to the merchant ID or to the wallet.
    • Amount (allows to define minimum and maximum amounts)
    • Status of the operation
      A certain number of quick searches is available to the merchant:
  3. Click the Quick search button.

    Results are displayed in the transaction details view.