History of the document

Version Author Date Comment
1.6 Lyra Network 16/05/2019
  • Addition of statuses allowing duplication.
  • Addition of details concerning the duplication of transactions processed with a Mastercard.
  • Addition of details concerning the refund of a chargeback transaction.
1.5 Lyra Network 05/11/2018
  • Document overhaul.
  • Addition of the chapter Manually capturing a transaction.
1.4 Lyra Network 05/03/2018 Updating the Cancel one or more transactions chapter: possibility to cancel several transactions at the same time.
1.3 Lyra Network 12/02/2018 Updating the Displaying transactions chapter: Adding the Transaction storage duration.
1.2 Lyra Network 30/11/2017
  • Adding chapters about available operations on the transactions page.
  • Updating the Performing a first connection and customizing the password chapter.
1.1 Lyra Network 30/11/2016 Updating the Back Office version
1.0 Lyra Network 01/10/2015 Initial version

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