Exporting captures

To export Captures, open the Captures tab:

  1. Search for the desired transactions.

    The merchant can refine their search by applying filters: Shop, Payment period, Characteristics, Amount, etc.

  2. Click on the Export button situated below the list of displayed transactions.
  3. Select the desired type of export to download the file.

The merchant can export into the CSV, XML or Excel format.

The exported data is displayed according to the following nomenclature:

Column label


Tag label in XML Description Possible value Meaning
Shop pdvName Name of the shop for which the transaction was performed    
Capture number refNumber Capture number    
Capture date date Date of capture transfer to the acquirer    
Network reseau Network within which the capture is performed    
Acquirer logo_acquereur Acquirer of the capture    
Bank code codeBanque Acquirer's bank code    
Merchant ID (MID) number numContrat N° of the merchant ID (MID) to which the capture is transferred    
Debit montantDebit Total gross amount of all the payment transactions contained in the capture expressed in its smallest currency unit    
Credit montantCredit    
Currency deviseID Payment currency according to the ISO 4217 standard (numeric code)    
Status statut Capture status at the moment of the consultation    
Bank reconciliation rapprochement Number of automatically or automatically reconciled transactions / Total number of transactions combined in the capture    
Dispatch date dateEnvoi Dispatch date