Managing notifications for expiring tokens

The validity period of a token depends on the validity period of the payment method attached to it.

It is possible to set up a notification for when a token is about to expire.

The gateway generates files (one for the company and one for each shop) containing the tokens whose payment method is about to expire and makes them available on our SFTP server in the common/id and shopId/id directories respectively.

These files are never transmitted by e-mail.

The notification delay is configured in your Merchant Back Office.

To change this delay:

  1. Go to the following menu: Settings > Company > Recurring payment settings.

    The notification delay is defined in number of months with a minimal value of one month.

    The default delay is 2 months.

  2. Change the value of the Notification delay for payment methods approaching expiry date field.
  3. Click Save.
    The modification of your notification delay is taken into account.
Notification delay principle

A payment method is always valid until the last day of the expiry month.

If the configured delay is set to 2 months, the notification will be generated on the 1st day of the month preceding the payment method expiry month.

Example: a notification will be issued on 01/01/2020 for a payment method expiring in 02/2020.

The expiry dates of payment methods with notifications will be visible thanks to a color code via the Merchant Back Office (Management > Recurring payments):
  • Orange if the expiry is approaching,
  • Red if the delay has passed.