Configuring risk management

For all risk assessment processes, the merchant can choose between three modes:

  • No control measures
    Verification disabled.
  • Informative control
    Verification completed after authorization request. Informative control identifies questionable transactions without refusing them.
  • Blocking control
    Verification completed before authorization request. Blocking control leads to the refusal of questionable transactions.

The merchant has the possibility to refine the control according to the type, origin and use of cards:

  • Card control

    Identification of cards with unconditional authorization, e-carte bleue cards and commercial cards (cards issued by companies), card number control, BIN code control.

  • Contextual control

    Control of the buyer’s IP address, of the payment method’s issuing country, of the IP address country, consistency check.

  • Use

    Velocity control.


The merchant can request to receive an e-mail notification once these controls have been completed.