Presentation of the service

The payment gateway provides its clients with the Data collection form service.

This solution is destined to merchants who do not have an e-commerce website but wish to offer their clients the opportunity to pay online.

The principle is simple:

  • The payment gateway provides you with a data collection form hosting service.
    You build your data collection form by inserting as many fields as you wish with all the functionalities of a form (mandatory, optional and pre-filled fields, etc.).
  • Your client uses this form to enter the amount of his/her transaction and personal details (first and last name, address, etc.).
  • The client validates the form and is automatically redirected to the payment page.
  • The client makes an online payment.


This document provides information only on the implementation and use of the form. For information on:

  • The personalization of your logo on payment pages, see the Shop logo customization user manual.
  • The management of payment orders by e-mail, see the Payment orders user manual.
  • Manual payments, see the MOTO payment user manual.
  • The management of your Back Office, see the Transaction management user manual.