Return code of the authorization request returned by the issuing bank, if available.

Output field, returned in the response (IPN and Return URL).

Format an..3
Possible values  
Table 1. Codes returned by the GICC network
Code Description
0 Approved or completed successfully
2 Call Voice-authorization number; Initialization Data
3 Invalid merchant number
4 Retain card
5 Authorization declined
10 Partial approval
12 Invalid transaction
13 Invalid amount
14 invalid card
21 No action taken
30 Format Error
33 Card expired
34 Suspicion of Manipulation
40 Requested function not supported
43 Stolen Card, pick up
55 Incorrect personal identification number
56 Card not in authorizer's database
58 Terminal ID unknown
62 Restricted Card
78 Stop payment order
79 Revocation of authorization order
80 Amount no longer available
81 Message-flow error
91 Card issuer temporarily not reachable
92 The card type is not processed by the authorization center
96 Processing temporarily not possible
97 Security breach - MAC check indicates error condition
98 Date and time not plausible
99 Error in PAC encryption detected
Table 2. Codes returned by AMEX Global acquirer
Code Description
000 Approved
001 Approved with an ID
002 Partial approval (Prepaid Cards only)
100 Rejected
101 Expired card / Invalid expiry date
106 Exceeded PIN entry attempts
107 Please Call Issuer
109 Invalid merchant
110 Invalid amount
111 Invalid account / Invalid MICR (Travelers Cheque)
115 Requested function not supported
117 Invalid PIN
119 Cardholder not enrolled / not allowed
122 Invalid card security code (a.k.a., CID, 4DBC, 4CSC)
125 Invalid effective date
181 Format error
183 Invalid currency code
187 Deny — New card issued
189 Deny - Account canceled
200 Deny — Pick up card
900 Accepted - ATC Synchronization
909 System malfunction (cryptographic error)
912 Issuer not available
Table 3. Codes returned by Amex acquirer
Code Description
0 Approved or successfully processed transaction
2 Limit exceeded
4 Keep the card
5 Do not honor
96 System malfunction
97 Overall monitoring timeout.
Other return codes For payment methods that are different from the ones presented below:
  • see the technical documentation specific to the payment method


  • contact the technical support for more information.
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