Proceeding to test phase

Now that the payment module has been configured and you have specified the IPN URLs, you can move on to test phase in order to generate the production key.

The list of the tests to perform is provided in the PayZen Back Office, via the menu Settings > Shop > Certificates.

Each row of the list contains card numbers associated with the same scenario (i.e. 2 accepted payments and 2 refused payments).

Each column corresponds to a different card type: CB/VISA, MASTERCARD, MAESTRO, VISA ELECTRON.

To perform the test phase:

  1. Make an order on your merchant website as if you were one of your buyers.
  2. Select the payment method "Payment by credit card".
  3. Once redirected to the payment page, select the card type of your choice.
  4. Refer to the list of tests to identify the card number to use.
  5. Once a test has been validated, its status is updated in the list. Click on Refresh the table button if the status has not been updated automatically.
  6. Once the 4 tests have been validated, the Generate the production certificate button becomes available.
  7. Click the Generate the production certificate button and accept the notification messages that will appear.
The production key is now available.