Setting up notifications in case of abandoned or canceled payments

The payment gateway can systematically notify the merchant website:
  • In case the buyer abandons/cancels the payment, using the Cancel and return to shop button.
  • When the buyer has not completed the payment process before the payment session expired.

    The maximum length of a payment session is 10 minutes.

This customization is mandatory if you are using the FacilyPay Oney payment method.

To set up this notification:

  1. Right-click Instant Payment Notification URL on cancellation.
  2. Select Manage the rule.
  3. Enter the following URL in the fields URL to call in TEST mode and URL to call in PRODUCTION mode.:
  4. Enter the E-mail address(es) to notify in case of failure.
  5. To specify several e-mail addresses, separate them with a semi-colon.
  6. Configure the Automatic retry in case of failure.
    This option allows to automatically send notifications to the merchant website in case of failure (up to 4 times).
  7. Save the changes.
If the gateway is unable to access the URL of your page, an e-mail will be sent to the address specified in step 4.

It contains:

  • the HTTP code of the encountered error
  • parts of analysis depending on the error
  • its consequences,
  • instructions to resend the notification to the URL specified in step 3 from the PayZen Back Office .