Release notes

Version Date Comment
1.10.1 7/12/2018 New features:
  • Enable SHA-256 signature algorithm by default.
  • Ignore spaces at the beginning and the end of certificates on return signature processing.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed negative amount for "total_paid_real" field on out of stock orders (PrestaShop 1.5 only).
  • Deleted payment error message shown for buyer on out of stock orders (PrestaShop < 1.6.1 only).
1.10.0 5/23/2018 New features
  • Addition of a link to multilingual documentation in module configuration.
  • Improvement of JavaScript code for redirection to the payment page.
  • Selective 3DS customizable by client group.
  • Addition of the "cancel" button for the iframe mode.
  • On the return page, display of the shop name configured in the PrestaShop Back Office (Settings > Contact info & shops).
  • Addition of the "Signature algorithm" field to allow the selection of SHA-256 algorithm.
Bug fixes:
  • Inactive redirection link on the payment page in one page checkout, when the buyer checks/unchecks and then rechecks the acceptance of terms and conditions.
  • Fatal error when creating an order via the PrestaShop Back Office.
  • Not to change the "Payment accepted" order status to "Payment error" for orders with several payment attempts.
1.9.0 11/24/2017 New features
  • Compatible with the "Share orders" feature for PrestaShop multi-shop.

  • Addition of payment by iframe.

  • jQuery is no longer used on the redirection page to avoid compatibility errors.

  • Pay button grayed-out and inactive during redirection to the payment page to avoid double form submissions.
  • Display of the installment payment option label if only one option is available (PrestaShop 1.5 & 1.6).
  • Submission of the addresses of pick-up points Mondial Relay / DPD France / SoColissimo for FacilyPay Oney.
  • Addition of the Full CB submodule.
  • Display card brand user choice if any in back-end order details.
  • Disabled submodules for not supported currencies.
  • Addition of the Payment to be validated status for manual validation.
  • Support of the call to the Instant Notification URL on an operation coming from the Back Office for cancellations, refunds, validations, modifications, duplications.
  • Addition of the delay and update field (shipping speed area) in the shipping options.
Bug fixes:
  • Submission of selected card types in the submodules.
  • Modification of the calculation of the financing fee with FacilyPay Oney.
  • Systematic backup of FacilyPay Oney failed/cancelled orders to avoid sending the same order ID.
  • Error with missing header and footer templates (PrestaShop 1.7).
  • Tax removed if it equals 0.
1.8.1 4/5/2017 New features
  • Improvement of CSS and template management.

  • Update of the list of supported cards for installment payment.

  • Usage of the PHP 5.2 syntax in order to maintain compatibility with old versions of PrestaShop.

  • Submission of the cellphone number if it is provided by the buyer.

  • Possibility to configure FacilyPay Oney payment options on the merchant website.
Bug fixes:
  • The default text appearing in the multilingual fields did not use to correspond to the selected language.
  • The shipping data incorrectly submitted in case of store pickup for FacilyPay Oney payments.

  • No longer creating orders in case of canceled or failed FacilyPay Oney payments except if the merchant enables the "order creation in case of failure" option.

  • Truncation of product labels to 255 characters to prevent forms from being rejected.
  • Default values get lost during field reactivation (automatic redirection).
  • Payment button logos are shifted when one page checkout is enabled.
  • "Cannot redeclare class FileLoggerCore" error if the file logger is used by other modules.
1.8.0 1/6/2017 New features
  • Compatibility with PrestaShop version 1.7

  • Display of the payment schedule details in the PrestaShop backend for payments in installments or split payments.
  • Display of a warning message in case of a refund via PrestaShop to prompt the merchant to repeat the operation via the Back Office PayZen

  • Compatibility with the Advanced order page option in the Advanced EU compliance module (only compatible for one-time payment).

  • Usage of the AFL license (instead of OSL).

  • Display of the capture date within payment details.

  • Concatenation of the ship_to_street and ship_to_street2 fields in ship_to_street for Oney payments.

  • Modifications in code for improved performance and passing validation by the PrestaShop Addons validator.

  • Improvement of regular expression management with special characters in UTF-8.

  • Taking into account of left/right columns of the theme on the redirection page.

  • Remove control over certificate format (accepts alphanumeric characters).

  • Possibility to enable or disable the FacilyPay Oney payment in the one-time payment submodule.

  • Possibility to translate various payment options for payment in installments.

  • Improved compatibility with some themes of PrestaShop in terms of payment method selection for the buyer.

Bug fixes:
  • Shopping cart emptied during redirection to the payment page to avoid any modifications after the order has been submitted. The cart is restored in case or cancellation or refused payment.
  • Issue with roundup value for the display of price before tax option for a client group.

  • Shopping cart details are no longer presented on the payment page if the cart is filled to capacity (+85 different items unless required).

1.7.0 12/9/2015 New features
  • Changed logo for the PayPal submodule.
  • Modification of the title during redirection to the payment page in all submodules.

  • Restrictions of the minimum and maximum amount by client group for each submodule.

1.6.0 10/9/2015 New features
  • Capture delay and validation mode cunstomizable in the submodules.
  • Addition of the PayPal submodule.

  • Addition of the "Waiting for the PayPal payment" status for payments awaiting verification by PayPal.

  • Addition of the "Waiting for authorization" status for payments awaiting authorization.

Bug fixes
  • After-sales service ticket for each payment (since version 1.6.1 of PrestaShop).

1.5.0 7/16/2015 New features
  • Addition of the SOFORT Banking submodule.
  • Addition of the "Pending funds transfer" status for Sofort and SEPA payments
  • Precision of the Instant Payment Notification URL (common URL for all shops in multi-shop mode)
1.4.0 6/9/2015 New features
  • Addition of the ANCV submodule.
  • Addition of the SEPA submodule.
  • Reorganization of the module configuration display

  • List of languages used for label configuration in order to replace the flags used in PrestaShop.

Bug fixes
  • Submodule detection problem

  • Problem with taking into account the max version specified in ps_versions_compliancy of PrestaShop.
  • Removal of the shipping_amount and insurance_amount variables (bug with PayPal amount)
  • Bug related to the PT and DE translations of the Instant Payment Notification URL responses
  • Loss of the PrestaShop shop ID during a call to the Instant Payment Notification URL.

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