To update the payment module, you must first uninstall and delete its previous version.

WARNING: Do not forget to save the parameters of your module before you uninstall it and make sure you save the production certificate that is no longer visible in the PayZen Back Office.

In the last version of the payment module, a new parameter has been added: Signature algorithm. By default, this field is set to SHA-256 and its value must be the same as the selected algorithm in the PayZen Back Office (Settings > Shop). If they are different, you will have to change the configuration in the PayZen Back Office.

  1. Go to the Extensions > Extensions section, then choose the Payments extension type.
  2. Look for the installed version of the payment module and click on the Uninstall button (-).
  3. Go to the Extensions > Installer section and delete the old version of the payment module.
  4. Refer to the next chapter (First Installation) and install the payment module.