1-Click Payment

The merchant has:

  • selected the option "Payment by identifier",
  • enabled the 1-Click Payment option in PayZen - Standard Payment.

1-Click Payment allows to pay for the order without having to enter the card details upon each payment.

During the payment, the buyer decides whether he/she wishes to register his/her card details by ticking the corresponding box.

The payment process: Card details registration

Step 1: The buyer finalizes the order and selects the Pay by Credit Card payment method.

Step 2: The buyer is redirected to the payment page. The buyer then has the possibility to request for his/her card to be registered by checking the box:

Step 3: At the end of the payment, the buyer is redirected to the page "checkout/success". A unique identifier has been attributed to his/her user account.

For future orders, the buyer can proceed to payment by clicking on "Buy now".

This button will be displayed on product pages and shopping cart pages (checkout page and mini cart).

The payment process: 1-Click Payment (reusing an already registered card)

Step 1 - the buyer selects the Shipping address from the list of addresses collected from his/her address book

Step 2 - the buyer selects the Shipping method from the list of available methods

Step 3 - the buyer clicks on Buy now.

Step 4 - the buyer is redirected directly to the payment page and may proceed to payment without reentering his/her details.

The payment process: Payment with a new card (mandatory visit of the checkout page)

If the buyer does not wish to pay with the registered card, he/she can:

  • select another payment method,

  • choose to pay with a new card number (with the possibility to register the details of the new card)

If the buyer decides to register the details of the new card, the details of the previously used card will be replaced.

Configuration of the "Buy now" button:

The merchant can:

  • modify the label of the button.
  • choose the pages where the button will appear.

The merchant can choose between:

  • the shopping cart pages
  • the product pages
  • the shopping cart pages and the product pages

Figure 1. Shopping cart on the checkout page
Figure 2. Mini cart

Figure 3. Product Page