History of the document

Version Author Date Comment
3.8 Lyra Network 21/10/2019
  • Update of compatible payment methods.
  • Addition of a chapter on the payment guarantee during a payment by token.
  • Update of the description of the vads_sub_desc field in the chapter Generating a payment form.
3.7 Lyra Network 05/08/2019
  • The hash algorithm is now available via Settings > Shop, Keys tab.
  • Addition of the vads_identifier field as an input parameter when creating a token.
  • Addition of the Risk analysis details category in the Data dictionary.
  • vads_threeds_auth_type: the field is always present in the response and can be empty.
  • The hash algorithm is now available via Settings > Shop, Keys tab.
  • Clarification provided on the computation of the IPN signature.
  • Clarification provided on the format of the vads_trans_date and vads_presentation_date fields.
  • Clarification provided on the format of the fields: vads_product_label, vads_cust_zip, vads_order_id, vads_cust_first_name, vads_cust_last_name, vads_cust_phone, vads_cust_cell_phone, vads_cust_id, vads_cust_city, vads_cust_address.
  • vads_auth_result: correction of field format (an..11)
  • vads_contracts: Possibility to force the Terminal ID to be used.
3.6 Lyra Network 22/05/2019

Clarifications provided on the methods of creation and termination of recurring payments via web services.

Data dictionary: update of vads_trans_date.

3.5 Lyra Network 26/03/2019
  • Addition of a clarification on the deletion on data in the chapter Managing payments by identifier.
  • Addition of the time of recurring payment creation in the chapter Managing payments by identifier.
  • Update of screenshots in chapters Creating a token in Test mode and Creating a token in Production mode.
  • Update of screenshots in Creating a recurring payment via the Merchant Back Office
  • Addition of the chapter Defining the currency for creating or updating a token.
  • Data dictionary:
    • Clarification added about the format of the vads_product_qty field.
    • Addition of the vads_presentation_date field in the Transaction details section.
    • Clarification added about the format of the vads_identifier field.
    • Clarification added about the format of the vads_subscription field.
    • Removal of the fields vads_ext_info_donation, vads_ext_info_donation_recipient, vads_ext_info_donation_recipient_name, vads_ext_info_donation_merchant, vads_ext_info_donation_contribution and vads_risk_primary_warranty.
3.4 Lyra Network 19/12/2018
  • Rewrite of chapter Analyzing the payment result
  • Creation of a “Verification” transaction when requesting an update or creation tokens without payment.
  • Data dictionary:
    • Addition of the vads_bank_label field.
    • Addition of the vads_tax_rate field.
    • Addition of the vads_pretax_amount field.
    • Addition of the vads_totalamount_vat field.
    • Addition of the vads_wallet field.
    • Update of the vads_ship_to_legal_name field description.
    • Update of the vads_payment_src field description.
    • Update of the values of the vads_bank_product field.
    • Update of the vads_tax_amount field description.
    • New value for the vads_trans_status : ACCEPTED field.
3.3 Lyra Network 27/11/2018
  • Addition of dedicated chapter containing the list of compatible payment methods.
  • Remove references to use cases S1, S2, S3, etc
  • Use of the term Token instead of Buyer ID.
  • Update of the vads_subscription field description.
3.2 Lyra Network 07/11/2018
  • Addition of a note on taking into account 2 algorithms when changing an algorithm.
  • Data dictionary
    • vads_ext_info_bil_date_of_birth and vads_ext_info_ship_date_of_birth: update of descriptions.
    • vads_iframe_options: addition of field description.
    • vads_override_payment_cinematic: update of values.
    • vads_operation_type: addition of the VERIFICATION value.
    • vads_product_ext_id: addition of field description.
    • vads_requestor: addition of field description.
    • vads_sequence_number: clarification provided on several payment attempts.
3.1 Lyra Network 17/08/2018
Addition of chapters
  • Invalidating a token via the Merchant Back Office
  • Instant Payment Notification URL on an operation coming from the Merchant Back Office

Update of the Identifying the use cases chapter

Update of the titles of chapters S1 to S9

Update of the Computing the signature chapter.

Data dictionary
  • vads_payment_action: update of titles
  • vads_payment_cards: update of values.
  • vads_payment_error: addition of new codes.
  • vads_theme_config: addition of the values REGISTER_ON_PAYMENT, 3DS_LOGOS and FORM_TARGET
  • vads_contracts: update of description and possible values.
3.0 Lyra Network 27/06/2018
  • Update of tables in chapters on creating a form (S1 to S9)
  • Update of the Computing the signature chapter.
  • Update of the chapter Managing errors: addition of messages for frequent errors
  • Addition of the chapter Overriding the custom template.
  • Data dictionary
    • Update of the vads_product_label field format.
    • Addition of the vads_token_id field.
    • Update of the definition and the values of the vads_theme_config field
    • Update of the vads_sequence_number field definition.
2.9 Lyra Network 26/06/2018
  • Update of the chapter Identifying yourself when exchanging with the payment gateway: alphanumeric key (certificate).
  • Update of the chapter Computing the signature: computation algorithm
  • Update of the chapter Managing errors: addition of messages for frequent errors
  • Data dictionary
    • Addition of vads_avs_result
    • Addition of vads_brand_management
    • Format update of vads_acquirer_transient_data
    • Format update of vads_payment_seq
    • Addition of vads_url_post_wallet
    • vads_currency: update of the list of supported currencies
    • Addition of vads_avs_result
    • vads_currency: update of the list of supported currencies
    • vads_first_installment_delay: update of the definition
    • vads_ext_info: improvement of field definition
    • vads_risk_assessment_results: improvement of field definition
    • Correction of a field name error: vads_url_refused instead of vads_url_refusal
    • Addition of the vads_cust_address2 field
2.8 Lyra Network 16/01/2018

Addition of a note on rejected authorizations in chapters S1 to S9.

2.7 Lyra Network 03/07/2017

Update of “Defining a different amount for the first n installments” chapter.

Data dictionary
  • Update of the vads_sub_init_amount and vads_sub_amount fields
  • Update of the vads_theme_config field
2.6 Lyra Network 08/03/2017 vads_payment_cards: addition of PAYPAL andPAYPAL_SB as possible values
2.5 Lyra Network 23/11/2015

Clarification added about identifiers shared by several legal entities.

2.4 Lyra Network 28/08/2015
  • Initial version in DITA format.
  • Modification of payment pages (responsive).
  • Addition of use case S9 – Update of card details with payment.

Data dictionary

  • vads_bank_product: update of the list list of product codes for a card of CB type.
  • vads_risk_analysis_result: addition of values.
2.3 Lyra Network 05/06/2014 Addition of use case S8 – Payment with optional subscription of the holder.
2.2c Lyra Network 02/07/2013 Initial version

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