History of the document

Version Author Date Comment
3.23 Lyra Network 23/05/2019
  • Removal of the following schemes: PAYSAFECARD, EPS, KHIPU.
  • vads_identifier: extended description of the field format.
  • vads_payment_src: Modification de la description du champ.
  • Addition of the vads_threeds_auth_type field.
  • Addition of the vads_authent_nsu field.
  • vads_risk_analysis_result: Addition of the values THREE_DS and NONE.
  • From now on, the fields vads_threeds_cavv, vads_threeds_cavvAlgorithm, vads_threeds_eci, vads_threeds_enrolled, vads_threeds_status and vads_threeds_xid are only output fields.
3.22 Lyra Network 17/01/2019
  • Update of the chapter Identifying yourself when exchanging with the payment gateway
  • "Certificate" replaced with "Key" in all menus
  • Data dictionary:
    • Addition of the vads_bank_label field
    • Addition of the vads_tax_rate field
    • Addition of the vads_pretax_amount field
    • Addition of the vads_totalamount_vat field
    • Addition of the vads_wallet field
    • Update of the vads_ship_to_legal_name field description.
    • Update of the vads_payment_src field description.
    • Update of the values of the vads_bank_product field
    • Update of the vads_tax_amount field description.
    • New value for the vads_trans_status : ACCEPTED field
3.21 Lyra Network 07/11/2018
  • Chapter Displaying the payment page in an iframe: additional details on the use of vads_iframe_options
  • Chapter Processing the response data: additional details on payment using several attempts.
  • Addition of a note on taking into account 2 algorithms when changing an algorithm.
  • Data dictionary
    • vads_ext_info_bil_date_of_birth and vads_ext_info_ship_date_of_birth: update of descriptions
    • vads_iframe_options: addition of field description
    • vads_override_payment_cinematic: update of values
    • vads_operation_type: addition of the VERIFICATION value
    • vads_product_ext_id: addition of field description
    • vads_sequence_number: additional details on payment using several attempts.
3.20 Lyra Network 07/08/2018
  • Addition of the chapter Displaying the payment page in an iframe
  • Update of the Computing the signature chapter.
  • Data dictionary
    • vads_payment_cards: update of values
    • vads_payment_error: addition of new codes
    • vads_theme_config: addition of the valuesREGISTER_ON_PAYMENT, 3DS_LOGOS and FORM_TARGET
    • vads_contracts: update of description and possible values
3.19 Lyra Network 19/06/2018
  • Update of the chapter Computing the signature
  • Update of the vads_product_label field format
  • Addition of the vads_token_id field
  • Addition of the chapter Overriding the custom template
  • Update of the definition and values of the vads_theme_config field
  • Update of the vads_sequence_number field definition
  • New value of the vads_trans_status field: SUSPENDED
3.18 Lyra Network 23/05/2018
  • Update of the chapter Identifying yourself when exchanging with the payment gateway: alphanumeric key (certificate)
  • Update of the chapter Computing the signature: computation algorithm
  • Update of the chapter Managing errors: addition of messages for frequent errors
  • Addition of the chapter Choosing the hash algorithm
  • Data dictionary
    • Addition of vads_avs_result
    • Addition of vads_brand_management
    • Format update of vads_acquirer_transient_data and vads_payment_seq
    • Addition of vads_url_post_wallet
3.17 Lyra Network 21/03/2018
  • Update of the Managing security chapter: support of SHA-256
  • Update of the Computing the signature chapter
  • Update of the Proceeding to testing chapter
  • Addition of the Managing timeouts chapter
  • Data dictionary
    • vads_currency: update of the list of supported currencies
    • vads_first_installment_delay: update of the definition
    • vads_ext_info: improvement of field definition
    • vads_risk_assessment_results: improvement of field definition
    • Correction of a field name error: vads_url_refused instead of vads_url_refusal
    • Addition of the vads_cust_address2 field
3.16 Lyra Network 12/12/2017
  • Addition of a note in Enabling automatic return to the merchant website chapter
  • Update of the Processing errors chapter
  • FAQ chapter removed and FAQ information added in the Getting in touch with technical support chapter
  • Data dictionary
    • Update of the vads_risk_analysis_result field: addition of Konduto values
3.15 Lyra Network 04/09/2017

Modification of transaction expiry dates: from now on, they depend on the authorization validity period

Data dictionary
  • Update of the "ans" definition
  • Update of the vads_action_mode field: webview value deleted
3.14 Lyra Network 17/07/2017
Data dictionary
  • Correction of field format for vads_cust_address_number
  • Update of the vads_sub_init_amount and vads_sub_amount fields
  • Update of the vads_theme_config field
  • Modification of the payment page URL
3.13 Lyra Network 06/06/2017 Data dictionary
  • Correction of the field formats for vads_url_cancel,vads_url_error, vads_url_refused and vads_url_success (up to 1025 alphanumeric and special characters)
  • Addition of the fields vads_first_installment_delay, vads_card_holder_name, vads_proof_of_id_type and vads_proof_of_id_number
  • Update of the vads_acquirer_transient_data field
  • Correction of field format for vads_order_id
  • vads_url_check_src: addition of the BATCH value and its description
  • vads_payment_cards: addition of the VPAY value
3.12 Lyra Network 03/04/2017

Data dictionary

  • vads_action_mode: addition of the WEBVIEW and IFRAME values
  • vads_theme_config: addition of the MODE_IFRAME value
  • vads_currency: additional details on currencies
  • Addition of vads_acquirer_transient_data
3.11 Lyra Network 27/02/2017
  • Managing errors chapter: additional details on error codes
  • Viewing parameters sorted by category chapter: addition of the Error code column in tables
Data dictionary
  • New field: vads_authent_paypal_protection_eligibility
  • vads_currency: addition of alpha encoding in tables

    Removal of the Icelandic Crown (ISK), update and additional details on currencies

3.10 Lyra Network 30/01/2017
  • vads_bank_product: addition of new values for MasterCard cards
  • Addition of the vads_effective_currency field
  • Replacement of the AMEX network by AMEXGLOBAL following migration
3.9   14/09/2016
  • vads_product_label: correction of the format
3.8 Lyra Network 16/08/2016


  • Value of vads_trans_status: CANCELLED instead of CANCELED
  • Value of vads_risk_control: COMMERCIAL_CARD instead of CARD_COMMERCIAL
  • vads_url_check_src: addition of the VOICE_ORDER value
  • Addition of a note on MULTI_EXT in vads_capture_delay and vads_payment_config
  • vads_contracts: addition of networks and details on MID definition
3.7 Lyra Network 05/2016

Chapter improvements:

  • Transmitting order details
  • Activating the automatic retry
Data dictionary
  • vads_payment_cards: addition of new values
  • vads_theme_config: addition of the values MERCHANT_MESSAGE, RESPONSIVE_MODEL and RESPONSIVE_MAIL_MODEL
3.6 Lyra Network 01/02/2016

Data dictionary

  • vads_auth_result: addition of AMEX values
  • vads_currency: additional details on multi-currency management
3.5 Lyra Network 23/11/2015

Data dictionary

  • vads_payment_cards and vads_contracts: addition of values
  • Additional details on field formats:
    • vads_cust_address
    • vads_ship_to_street
    • vads_ship_to_street2
  • vads_trans_status: addition of the INITIAL status to the list of acceptable values
  • vads_change_rate
  • vads_recurrence_number
3.4 Lyra Network 01/10/2015 Data dictionary
  • Correction of field format for vads_product_labelN
  • Correction of the vads_product_vatN field name
  • Addition of the field:
    • vads_cust_national_id
3.3a Lyra Network 24/07/2015 Additional chapter
  • Setting up a notification on batch change

Update of chapters:

  • Using i-frames
  • vads_trans_id
3.3 Lyra Network 07/07/2015

Addition of chapters

  • Configuring e-mails sent to the buyer
  • Configuring e-mails sent to the merchant

Additional information on using i-frames

Data dictionary

  • Addition of fields:
    • vads_trans_uuid
    • vads_risk_assessment_result
    • vads_product_vatN
  • vads_bank_product: addition of values for pure CB cards
  • vads_risk_analyzis_result: addition of values
  • vads_payment_cards: addition of values
3.2 Lyra Network 27/04/2015 Data dictionary

Correction of an error concerning the vads_ship_to_type field

3.1 Lyra Network 02/03/2015

Server URL renamed as Instant Payment Notification URL

Addition of chapters

  • Managing the shop settings via a configuration file
  • Activating the automatic retry
  • Manually retry the notification

Additional information on using i-frames

Data dictionary

  • Addition of fields:
    • vads_payment_seq
    • vads_cust_legal_name
    • vads_ship_to_legal_name
  • Addition of the E_CV value to the list of payment methods (ANCV network)
  • Addition of details to the vads_url_check field
3.0 Lyra Network 21/11/2014 Complete overhaul of documentation

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