Processing the data specific to the response of PostFinance payment

The IPN will contain the following information:

  1. Identify the payment result by retrieving the value of the vads_trans_status field.
    Field name Description Value
    vads_trans_status Payment status The possible values for PostFinance are:
      Waiting for capture
      Payment abandoned by the buyer

    For more details, refer to the Payment form implementation guide available in our document archive (

  2. Identify the authorization mode by retrieving the value of vads_auth_mode
    Field name Description Value
    vads_auth_mode Authorization mode Only the FULL value is possible.

    Authorization for the total amount of the transaction.

  3. Store the payment amount and currency. To do this, retrieve the values of the following fields:
    Table 1. Retrieve the payment amount and currency
    Field name Value
    vads_amount Payment amount in the smallest currency unit.
    vads_currency Code of the payment currency.
  4. Save the value of the vads_result field to know the transaction status.
    The possible values are presented in the table below. They remain the same regardless of the payment method. In case of failure, you can also see the value of vads_auth_result to obtain additionalinformation about thereason of the failure.
    Value Description
    00 Action successfully completed.
    02 The merchant must contact the cardholder's bank Deprecated.
    05 Action rejected.
    17 Action canceled by the buyer.
    30 Request format error. To match with the value of the vads_extra_result field.
    96 Technical details.
  5. Save the value of the vads_presentation_date field to identify the payment presentation date.
    Field name Description Value
    vads_presentation_date Capture date

    A PostFinance transaction is always automatically sent at D+1.

  6. Retrieve the value of the vads_payment_config field to identify the payment type.
    Field name Description Value
    vads_payment_config Type du paiement For PostFinance SINGLE is the only possible value..
  7. Store the payment method used for the payment by retrieving the value of the vads_card_brand field.

    Possible values :

    • POSTFINANCE dans le cas d'un paiement par PostFinance Card.
    • POSTFINANCE_EFIN dans le cas d'un paiement par PostFinance e-Finance.
  8. Save the contract ID associated with the transaction by retrieving the value of the vads_contract_used field.


Store the value of the vads_auth_result field to identify the result of the authorization request.

This value is returned and given for informational purposes and depends exclusively on the payment method.

La liste complète des codes renvoyés est consultable dans le tableau ci-dessous. Vous pouvez contacter l'équipe support pour plus de détails.

Nom du champ Description Valeur
vads_auth_result Codes retour de la demande d'autorisation pour PostFinance Les valeurs possibles sont :
  • 00 : autorisation acceptée
  • 101 : format invalid
  • 102 : limite du retrait dépassée
  • 103 : identifiant marchand inconnu
  • 104 : transaction refusée par le marchand
  • 105 : identifiant PSP inconnu
  • 106 : transaction refusée par PSP
  • 107 : une transaction existe déjà avec le même identifiant
  • 108 : authorisation inacceptée pour raison inconnue
  • 109 : acquéreur indisponible
  • 110 : problème de timeout chez l'acquéreur
  • 111 : problème technique survenu
  • 112 : acquéreur momentément indisponible, il faut ressayer
  • 113 : transaction déjà en cours d'annulation, impossible de revenir en arrière
  • 114 : problème de timeout chez PSP