Viewing the progress of Paydirekt payment on the payment page

The diagram below presents the exchange process from the point of view of the buyer.

Figure 1. Exchange process
  1. The buyer validates the shopping cart..

    The merchant website redirects the buyer to the payment gateway.

    When the parameters and their signature have been verified, the payment method selection page opens.
    For more information, refer to the Payment Form Implementation Guide available on our web site

  2. The buyer selects the Paydirekt payment method.
    The payment gateway redirects the buyer to the authentication page of Paydirekt

  3. The buyer enters his/her user name and password registered via Paydirekt and validates the entry.
    In some cases, for security reasons, Paydirekt may ask to enter a TAN (Transaction Authentication Number).
    The buyer can also ask for a TAN request to be put in place for each payment.
    In those cases, Paydirekt sends a code by SMS to the phone number provided by the buyer at the moment of account creation.

  4. The acquirer presents the page of payment confirmation.

  5. The acquirer clicks on Buy now.

  6. The acquirer processes the information and sends a response to the payment gateway.

  7. The payment gateway displays the confirmation page of the transaction.

    If the payment has been successfully completed, payment details are presented to the buyer with the option to download the ticket in PDF format.

    In case the transaction fails, a message will appear. The buyer will be informed if the payment request has been rejected.

  8. A link is provided to return to the merchant website.