Processing data specific to a Paydirekt payment response

Characteristics of a Paydirekt payment

Paydirekt payment is an immediate payment with one-hour delay.

A transaction is always sent automatically on the same day except if the merchant configures another date.

Therefore, in the Back Office, a captured transaction appears in the Captured transaction tab but with a "pending" reconciliation status.

The IPN URL will contain the following information:

Table 1. List of fields to analyze
Field name Description Value
vads_trans_status Payment status The possible values are:
    Payment abandoned by the buyer
    Waiting for authorization.
    Presented or captured.

For more information, see the Payment Form Implementation Guide available in our online documentation archive (

vads_auth_mode Authorization mode Only the FULL value is possible.

Authorization for the total amount of the transaction.

Value used for immediate payments if the period between the requested capture date and the current date is strictly shorter than the authorization validity period.

vads_payment_config Payment type SINGLE
vads_amount Amount in the smallest currency unit Example: 100 for 1 euro
vads_currency Payment currency Example: 978 for Euro
vads_card_brand Type of payment card PAYDIREKT
vads_presentation_date Date of capture in the bank Paydirekt transactions are always sent on the same day with one-hour delay except if the merchant configures another date.
vads_contract_used Value of the contract associated with the transaction 32 hexadecimal characters

Example: 8a82941854bf24050154bfd1f3200891