Paydirekt : a german online payment solution

PayZen has enriched its online payment platform by integrating the paydirekt payment solution.

paydirekt is a German online banking solution. It offers buyers the possibility to make online payments without having to communicate their bank account details.

paydirekt is operated by paydirekt GmbH according to the German banking standard.

To use the service, one must have a current account in a partner bank and create an account on paydirekt. With the help of the identifier and password, buyers can use paydirekt as a payment method during their online purchases. The amount of the transaction is debited directly from the buyer's bank account.

This solution offers advantages both to the buyer and the merchant:

  • The merchants obtain a convenient, fast, safe and efficient payment method.
    • They benefit from a payment guarantee and a protection against potential fraud.
    • They increase their sales potential, as this payment method attracts many buyers.
  • The buyers obtain access to a secure, simple, fast payment method available in several German and Austrian online shops.