Klarna: an online invoice-based payment solution

PayZen has expanded its online payment gateway by integrating Klarna, the invoice-based payment solution.

Klarna is a payment solution that allows buyers to settle an order after its delivery, upon reception of the invoice.

The concept is simple:

  • The buyer validates his/her cart, fills in his/her information and waits for the goods to arrive.
  • Klarna settles the order and the merchant website sends the goods to the buyer.
  • The buyer receives his/her order and an invoice (e-mail sent by Klarna). The buyer must pay Klarna for the order within fourteen days (or return the goods, if he/she is not satisfied) by choosing a payment method from the available options (credit card, bank transfer, etc.).

This solution allows for a safer shopping experience, with no stress - both for the buyer and for the merchant. As a matter of fact, the merchant is paid directly by Klarna and it is Klarna that assumes all risk of fraud or delays.

This payment method is widespread in Northern countries (Germany, Denmark, Finland, Austria, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden).


For the moment, your payment gateway enables this payment method only for Germany.

What are Klarna's requirements to allow buyers to use this payment solution?

Each buyer's profile is analyzed and evaluated.

After the shopping cart is validated and the information is filled in by the buyer, Klarna performs a quick check of the buyer's credit history.

Depending on the country of the buyer, this verification is carried out in regard to specific information, such as the buyer's national ID number. Furthermore, an algorithm is used to help determine the buyer's credit rating (time of purchase, the ordered product, etc.). The fraud rate is extremely low.