User access management

There are two options when it comes to assigning users access privileges to the Merchant Back Office:

Basic access with read-only permissions

It is possible to create a user with read-only access and grant them limited permissions in the Merchant Back Office.

The user will be able to only view the details related of the companies and/or shops to which he or she has access.

Even with read-only permissions, a user should have associated privileges in the Merchant Back Office. He or she must have access to at least one shop. Within this shop, he or she must have at least one associated privilege (view transactions for example).

However, regardless of the privileges associated with a user with read-only permissions, he or she will be able to only view the information.

If you wish to not grant any privileges to a user, you should set their account status to Disabled.

Access with write permissions

It is possible to grant write permissions to a user. In this case, the user will be able to edit the information to which he or she has access in the Merchant Back Office.

To configure permissions

  1. Search for a merchant user
  2. Select the user from the list
  3. Right-click to display the context menu
    Depending on the company's permissions and configuration, you can:
    • Reset the password of the user.
      After the reset confirmation, an e-mail is immediately transmitted to the user to inform him or her of the new connection identifiers. However, the first connection code will be necessary for using the identifiers for the first time.

    • Send the first connection code by SMS.
      For security reasons, only the bank can unlock the first connection code.

    • Enable or Disable a user account.

      Another way of doing it is to select the user and choose Active or Disabled in the Statusfield.

      In case of a connection attempt, the user with the disabled account will receive a message saying "Your account has been disabled. Please get in touch with your sales contact".

      It is possible to reactivate an account by changing its status back to Active.

    • Authorize access to the Test and/or Production gateway.

  4. Click the Save button.