Creating a payment order by SMS

Via the payment order details view:

  1. Click the Add button.
  2. Select Create a text message.
  3. Select a shop (this step appears if you have several shops).
    If the company has only one shop, payment orders can be created directly.
    The Creation of a payment SMS dialog box appears.
  4. In the Order details view, enter:
    • the order Reference
      Order reference transmitted by the sender.
      During the call to the IPN, this reference will be transmitted in the order number if the merchant has sent the request to the IPN to receive the payment notification.
    • type of payment transaction Validation
      Two possible values:
      • Automatic : no action is required, payments are captured once the payment capture delay has been reached.
      • Manual : the merchant must validate each payment via the Merchant Back Office so that it is sent for capture before the desired capture date.
    • the Capture delay
      Delay in days before capture in the bank.
    • the Exp. date of the payment order
    • the Amount and the Currency of the transaction
    • Language of the message sent to the buyer (to be chosen among all the languages defined for the payment page),
    • the Use Data collection form box, if the offer of the shop allows it.
      By selecting this “feature”, the payment link contained in the message will redirect the buyer to the hosted data entry form.
      The buyer will have to fill all required fields of the hosted form before to be redirect to the payment page.


    Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

  5. In the E-mail field, enter the buyer's address for sending the payment ticket.
  6. In the SMS to send view, enter:
    • the buyer's phone number,
    • the text of the SMS.
    Several variables are provided for customizing the SMS.
    Table 1. Variables
    Variables Description Required
    %amount% Corresponds to the Amount field specified in the Order details view.

    The value of the variable will be automatically populated.

    %end_date% Corresponds to the Exp. date field specified in the Order details view.

    The value of the variable will be automatically populated.

    %url% Link to perform the payment.

    The link specifies:

    • the amount
    • the expiry date of the payment order

    By clicking on the link, the payment page is displayed.



    If the %url% variable is not included in the body of the message, the payment link will be automatically inserted at the end of the message.

  7. Click on the button:
    • Preview to generate a preview before submitting the message.
    • Send to send the SMS to its recipient.


    The merchant is informed of the number of SMS that were necessary for the notification.

    The delivery is confirmed via the message: Your SMS has been sent to xxxxxxxxxx

    • Close to cancel the creation of the payment order.