Creating a personalized installment schedule

This process presents the creation of an installment payment, where the amounts and the installment dates can be modified by the merchant.

  1. Click the button Installment payment
    The shop list appears if you have several shops.

  2. Select the desired shop.
    The MOTO payment page appears.
  3. Select the buyer’s payment method from the drop-down list.
  4. For payment by Token, select a token from the drop-down list.
    If the buyer’s card is valid or if it is a direct debit payment, the payment method data is filled in automatically.
  5. Enter the transaction amount.
  6. Select the transaction currency.
  7. Enter the number of installments.
  8. If necessary, change the date of the first installment.
  9. Enter the interval in days between the capture date of each installment.
  10. Enter the amount of the first payment or click on the calculator to calculate and enter this amount automatically.
  11. You can enter the order reference and complementary order details, if you wish
  12. Click the Next button
  13. You can make changes on the payment schedule management page.
  14. Click the Next button
  15. If the buyer pays by token, the card number is automatically recorded.
  16. Otherwise, enter the payment card number and the expiry date.

  17. Click the Next button
  18. When the summary page appears, you can fill in the buyer details.
    If you enter the buyer’s e-mail address, he or she will receive an e-mail with the transaction details.
  19. Click the Create button to validate the transaction.
    An authorization request is sent to the buyer’s bank, the issuer, in addition to internal fraud verification on the payment gateway. If the transaction is successful, the transaction details are displayed.


Depending on the card type, the installment payment can also be accessed via the immediate payment page in manual mode. The choice is presented in step 2 of the MOTO payment wizard.
All the merchant needs to do is check the Installment payment box and fill in the information about the amount of the first installment, the installments and the number of interval days before completing the transaction.

After creating the installment payment, the list of transactions in progress will be presented as follows:
  • The status of the first direct debit is Waiting for capture.
  • The status of other installments is Waiting for authorization.