Conditioning the responses of available fields

The merchant has the possibility to personalize the available fields in MOTO payment settings.

The merchant can set the fields from the list of available fields to required or modifiable.

For example, to configure the Capture date
  1. The merchant clicks on the Capture date field.
    The field configuration page appears below.

  2. The merchant checks or unchecks the Modifiable box.
  3. The merchant enters the desired number of days for the transaction capture delay in the bank.
    By default, the capture delay is 0 days. The payment is captured by the bank on the same day.
  4. The merchant can click the Associate button to display the Capture date field among the visible fields in the Express MOTO payment.
  5. The merchant clicks the Save button to confirm the settings.

The merchant will proceed in the same way to configure the fields:
  • Manual validation
  • Buyer’s e-mail address
  • Buyer’s language
  • Order reference
  • Complementary information about the order