Control of card types issued by certain countries

This profile allows to trigger one or more actions when:

  • the card type is one of the selected card types (prepaid card, commercial card, personal card)


  • the country of the card is in the list of selected countries.

To trigger one or more actions:

  1. Click on Enable.
    The green bar indicates that the profile is activated.
  2. Select one or more card type(s) from the list.
    The possible values are:
    • Prepaid card

      A prepaid card is a payment method that is similar to an electronic wallet. Only the recharged amounts can be spent (no risk of overdraft, hacked bank account, etc.).

    • Commercial card

      A commercial card is a business card. It can be issued to an employee for work purposes, for example.

    • Personal card

      A personal card is a bank card delivered to an individual for personal use.

  3. Select one or several countries by clicking on the button Add.
    The country(ies) that allow(s) you to trigger an action appear(s) in the column Selected countries.
    This list is not static. You can remove one of the countries at any time by selecting it and clicking the Remove button.
  4. Select the action that you wish to trigger when the profile appears.
    The possible values are:
    • Raise an alert
    • Manual validation
    • Deactivate 3D Secure
    • Decline
    If you want to define one or more other actions:
  5. Click on Add.
  6. Select another action that you wish to trigger when the profile appears.
  7. Click on Save at the bottom of the screen.